Original products made from

Manipulated Abstracts

To create the designs you see on SVP@Home's products, Artist Susan Vizvary first composes her photographs artistically through the lens, then sees it graphically, digitally manipulating those same photos to create one-of-a-kind abstracts.

Every original photo has a story and every abstract repurposes that story into contemporary explosions of color that bend the image and the perspective. Susan’s fine art photography foundation takes on a new persona with these inspired creations.

Every product tells a story

Products from inspiring places

All of our product designs come from Susan's photography in inspiring destinations such as Paris, Hong Kong, New Zealand and famous beaches around the world. Reminisce about your favorite place while drinking your favorite spirit or while enjoying time with friends at a dinner party.

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Unique Home Decor & Gifts

All of our products are made to order and are made to elevate your home decor. All of our products also make great gifts for groomsmen, hostess gifts, or for any special occasion.

About Susan Vizvary

Susan Vizvary is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer. She is inspired by color and composition which both come through vividly regardless of the various subject matters she shoots throughout the United States and the world.

Susan’s perspective is a natural extension of her design background. After receiving her degree in interior design from UCLA, Susan decorated many private residences, layering color and materials to create the proper aesthetics. From there, she took her love of design and art and became a set decorator, where she worked on hundreds of television commercials, creating camera-friendly vignettes.

Susan took a few years off to start a family but within a short amount of time, she was back to her creative roots, but this time on the other end of the lens. After picking up her first camera, she has yet to put it down.

Susan’s travels provides a window to how she sees the world through her lens. From majestic landscapes to eye-catching macro photos, and from astro-photography to her one-of-a-kind manipulated abstracts, her collections are vibrant reflections of her vision.

Susan Vizvary photographing while in a river bed